X Mean On Snapchat

What Does X mean on Snapchat – Explained

If you are a Snapchat user, you might not know what does X mean on Snapchat. This is not explained properly on Google or Snapchat’s official website. I will tell you why X appears and where it appears. I will also explain the meaning of X when it appears. Basically, X means cross or rejection, and you can use it to reject someone or delete a chat.

What does X mean on Snapchat

X means on Snapchat if you see the X icon appear beside someone’s name on Snapchat, it means they’ve either unfriended you or you haven’t accepted their friend request yet. Your messages and Snaps won’t reach them until they add you back or you accept their request.

Here is the explanation in 3 different scenarios of x meaning.

X appears in the chat section

If you have friends and there’s an X in front of their name in the chat section, you can click on that X to block, report, or delete the chat.

X appears in the Friends Request section

If someone has sent you a friend request, you will see “Add” or “X” in front of their name. If you want to add them to your friend list and chat with them, simply click “Add.” If you don’t want to be their friend, click on “X” to reject their friend request.

X appears in the “In my contacts” list

If “X” appears in front of someone’s name in your chat section with your contact numbers, it means that they are in your contacts, but you haven’t interacted with each other or shared snaps. When you send them a message or they message you, the “X” will disappear.

Watch this video for more information.

Can you still message someone with an X next to their name?

If you want to send a message to someone whose name has an “X” next to it on Snapchat, you can send the message, but it will show as pending, and you won’t know if the person has seen your message or not.

Final Words

In this article, I have explained where X appears and why. I’ve also explained how to make it disappear. If you still have questions, feel free to ask in the comments.


If “snap” appears next to your friend’s name, it means they have sent you a snap (an image or video), but you haven’t opened it yet. Once you view it, the word “snap” will go away.

No, X does not mean that someone has blocked you.

If you want to know if someone has blocked you, you can use the following clues:

  • You won’t see their snap score.
  • When you search for their name in the search bar, it won’t appear.
  • They won’t be on your friends list.
  • Snaps, messages, videos, or images won’t be delivered, they will stay pending.

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