HRU mean on Snapchat

What does HRU mean on Snapchat?

H = How
R = Are
U = You

HRU stands for ‘How Are You” on Snapchat.

This is a common and friendly acronym used on Snapchat and other social media platforms. When someone inboxes you or initiates a direct conversation with “HRU,” you can simply reply with “I’m good, and HRU?”

It’s a good way to start a conversation with someone. If you want to chat with someone, you can simply send a “HRU” text to begin an online chat.

What does HRU mean in a text message?

In today’s world of extensive social app usage, where users engage in online chats, various slang words are used during conversations. One commonly used slang is “HRU,” which you may frequently encounter in your inbox. It means the other person is inquiring about you, wants to know how you are doing, and intends to engage in an online conversation, as “HRU” is often used to initiate a conversation.

What does HRU mean on other social media platforms?

You also see “HRU” being used on other social media platforms besides Snapchat, and its meaning remains the same on all social media platforms, which is “How are you?” You can respond to “HRU” by sharing information about how you are feeling or what’s going on with you.

How to respond to HRU text?

As we’ve seen, the abbreviation “HRU” stands for “How are you?” So, when someone texts you “HRU,” you can reply by sharing how you are feeling, for example, “I’m good, and HRU?”


No, “HRU” is used in various text-based communication, including other social media platforms and text messaging.

Yes, abbreviations like “HRU” are generally informal and are commonly used in casual conversations.

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