WYLL mean on Snapchat

What does WYLL mean on Snapchat?

Wyll mean on snapchat

W = What
Y = You
L = Look
L = Like

WYLL stands for “what you look like” on Snapchat.

If you have made a new friend on Snapchat or any other social media platform whom you don’t know and haven’t seen, you can send them a message saying “WYLL,” which means “what you look like.” In other words, you are asking them how they appear, which essentially means you’re requesting their picture. The meaning of this slang is almost the same on every platform.

How to Use WYLL

If you’ve made a new friend on the Snapchat app whom you don’t know, you can send them a DM with “WYLL,” which means that you’re asking for their picture. If they don’t send you a picture, don’t be upset because new friends may not trust you initially since they don’t know you at all. So, first, engage in a conversation with them, get to know them a bit, and share some information about yourself. When both of you get to know each other better, observe their mood. If they seem happy, you can send them a “WYLL” message.

Similarly, when someone sends you a “WYLL” message, try to get to know them a bit before deciding whether you want to send them your picture.

How to Reply to WYLL on Snapchat

If you receive a “WYLL” message, which means “what you look like,” you should get to know the person a bit, where they are from, and what their personality is like before deciding to send them your selfie.

Final Words

In this article, I have explained the meaning of “WYLL,” which stands for “what you look like.” Then, I’ve described how you can use it by sending it to someone you don’t know. If they don’t send you their selfie, try to get to know them a bit and share some information about yourself before sending a “WYLL” message. Similarly, if you receive a “WYLL” message, it means the person wants to see you, so you can send them your picture or video

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