WTM mean on Snapchat

What does WTM mean on Snapchat?

W = What’s
T = The
M = Move

WTM stands for “What’s The Move” on Snapchat

WTM means “What’s the move”. if your friend texts you “WTM,” they are asking you about your plans for the near future.

For example

If someone has invited you and your friend to a party at night, your friend might message you “WTM about tonight’s party.” This means they want to know if you’re going to the party and what your plan is for attending. If you have a plan, you can tell them when you’ll be going. Basically, WTM doesn’t just mean “What’s the move”; it has many meanings.

WTM = What’s The Matter?

If you have an issue, and someone, like a friend or family member, finds out about it and texts you “WTM,” it means “What’s the matter?” They are asking you what the problem is and why you’re upset. If you’re comfortable, you can share your problems with them. Similarly, if your friend is feeling troubled, you can ask them “WTM” to let them know you’re there to listen and support them.

How to use WTM “What’s The Move”?

If your friend says WTM or “What’s the move,” they are inquiring about your future plans and how you intend to spend your time. If you want to ask your friend about plans for a party or a trip, you can also use WTM, such as “WTM about tomorrow’s trip.”

How to Reply to WTM “What’s The Move”?

If your friend texts you WTM or “What’s the move,” they are asking about your plans and when and how you want to meet up. If you had previously discussed plans to attend an event or party, they might be referring to that. You can respond with a thank you and then share your plans or decide when and where to meet.

How to use WTM “What’s The Matter”?

If your friend is facing an issue or feeling upset, you can use WTM or “What’s the matter” to ask them what’s wrong or what happened that’s causing them distress.

How to Reply to WTM ‘What’s The Matter’?

If you’re facing an issue, and your friend sends you a message saying ‘WTM’ (What’s The Matter), they might know about your problem. You can reply to them, discuss the issue, and possibly resolve it.

Final Words

In this article, I’ve explained the meanings of WTM, which can have several interpretations. I’ve also mentioned the meanings that are commonly used. Additionally, I’ve explained how to use both meanings and in what types of conversations. Along with that, I’ve taught you how to respond when someone sends you a WTM message.

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