SCM mean on Snapchat

What does SCM mean on Snapchat?

SCM mean on snapchat

S = Snap
C = Chat
M = Me

SCM stands for “snapchat me” on snapchat.

On Snapchat, SCM slang means “Snapchat me.” If you’re feeling bored, you can send an SCM message to your Snapchat friends, which means you’re telling your friend to send you a message, snap, story, video, or short video that you can watch to alleviate your boredom. SCM is a quick way to communicate with someone and then have a conversation with them.

How to use SCM slang on Snapchat

In Snapchat, you send an SCM message or set your status to SCM to let your friends know that you want them to join a conversation with you. Even if you don’t know someone, they can send you a message to start a conversation, allowing both of you to get to know each other.

How to Reply to SCM on Snapchat

If someone, your friend sends you an SCM message or writes SCM on their story, it clearly means they want to chat with you or are requesting videos or snaps from you. If you want to chat with them or don’t know them, you can reply to them and start a conversation so that both of you can get to know each other. If they send you an SCM message, you can also send them snaps or videos to end their boredom.

If you understand it appropriately, you can ask them what they want when you reply. If they are asking for snaps or short videos from you, you can send them those, or if they want to chat with you, you can start a conversation.

Final Words

In this article, I have explained to you what SCM means, which stands for Snapchat me. People use SCM in a message or on their story to indicate that they want to start a conversation with you or send you snaps or videos. I have also taught you how to use SCM and how to reply to it.

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